Cookies for Engagement Hantaran

Congrats on your engagement Awe and Osheen!

Zara's party favors... and her 'Rapunzel' cake

Here are photos of Princess Zara's goodies bags for the party... Thanks so much Aida for designing the lovely topper with a lil help from the princess herself.  And also many thanks to my beloved sisters Ani and Gee and also Mica's vogue mummy Marzy for helping me with the packing etc... The crown shaped cookies to go with the party theme... and i couldn't resist baking the alphabet cookies... just have to find an excuse to bake them... hehehe... and oh... look at the cheeky princess with her 'Rapunzel' cake.  This cake is for her school friends.  I frosted this cake with rich and creamy chocolate frosting made with real Hershey's!  And yes, she loved the frosting so much... too bad i didn't manage to take a pix of her with chocolate frosting all over her face (and t-shirt and leggings) hahaha

Princess Zara Turns 5 ...

Princess Zara celebrated her 5th birthday at A&W recently. Just like the birthday girl, we all love the princess figurines too!  On behalf of Ardi and Aida, thanks so much for making her day so special.  Love you lots Princess.  You will always be my Princess (((hugs)))  May you grow wise and solehah... amiiin...
*next project ... Prince Rifqi's birthday... insyaAllah...

Triple Birthday Celebration

We had a triple birthday celebration during Zara's 5th birthday party held at A&W recently.  Glad they loved the sweet treats :)

Happy Birthday Darling Sofea

Happy Birthday to our darling Sofea.. vanilla butter cookies for her school friends :)

Cupcake Bouquet for Mother's Day

Something sweet for upcoming Mother's Day :)

Happy Birthday Faiqh Mikhail :)

Happy Birthday Mica darling! I was told by his mummy that he proudly told his teacher ...'my MamaTok did it!' so schweet... *heart-melts* And thanks to your mummy and daddy for the order :)

Happy 3rd Birthday Mica!

A special request from birthday boy Mica... orange butter cake it is for you my darling:) Sugar cookies as door gifts! The look on his face is priceless! Who could forget that we all had to sing 'Happy Birthday' 3 times as he looked so excited and pleaded '... One more time Mummy'... yes 3 times :) hehehe And many thanks to Ridz and Marz for the orders :)

Cookies for Aqiqah Az Azahrah Anaqi

Butter cookies with Hershey's milk chocolate centers :) Majlis aqiqah was on 07 April 2012 at Madrasah Islamiah Cheras Baru. Alhamdulillah all went well.

Engaged and In Love ... Aida Melissa

Congrats sweetie :)